Trust/Postmortem Administration

Trust/Postmortem Administration

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Trust Administration

Trust administration requires meticulous attention to detail, a comprehensive knowledge of the law and a dedication to client-service. As advisors, we at Bethel Law have the knowledge and experience to handle the administration of any estate and work with the trustees and beneficiaries to ensure a smooth administration and that nothing is missed.

upon death

If you have lost a loved one handling the final details of the estate postmortem administration can be difficult. You will be going through the emotions of losing a loved one, while trying to make decisions about paying off creditors and closing out final affairs – selling homes, closing accounts, distributing IRAs, annuities, life insurances, final tax return preparation, distributing furniture and other keepsakes, opening up a trust account with a federal tax ID number, and marshaling the assets for a proper accounting – to name a few.

Where we come in

We work with successor trustees and personal administrators to help you resolve these complex final issues relating to postmortem transfer of assets and property. We have experience in first and second death trust administration, including simple and complex trust administration for A-B-C, Disclaimer, and QTIP trusts; and, second death postmortem administration of simple, complex, special needs, and dynasty trusts.

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