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Intellectual Property Compilations


Operations Improvement Planning

The identification of all business process and procedures includes documenting such in a tangible manual format for proper valuation by a Certified Valuations Analyst thereby increasing the organization's value & efficiency.

Intellectual Property (IP) Compilations

We specialize in the creation of specially tailored Intellectual Property Compilations, or Operation Improvement Manuals, that will improve your organization's profitability and efficiency. We have helped hundreds of clients realize tangible improvements in their organizations when it comes to their value; processes and procedures; as well as their bottom line. These compilations will also ensure a smooth transition when it comes to passing your business on to the next generation or when selling your business.

Our manuals identify all of the organization's processes and procedures then document it for trade secret protection & future valuations. We call these manuals IP Compilations. Each of our compilations are made up of four (4) components:

  • Operations

  • IT

  • Value

  • Trade Secret Proteciton

The result; a unique compilation of your business from top to bottom.

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