Trusted Partners

DKBStrategies, Inc.

DKBStrategies, Inc. is a Redlands, CA based Professional Fiduciary that works in conjunction with your Estate Plan in order to ensure your wishes are carried out according to your plan. 

Bethel Law has partnered with DKBStrategies, Inc., to provide our clients with the greatest all-encompassing care when it comes to assisting our clients manage their estates during their lifetimes and beyond. By combining smart estate planning techniques with compassionate asset management, we are able to provide the utmost care to our clients while ensuring their wishes are established and followed exactly as desired.

While we are excited to offer this service to our clients, availability is currently limited. Curious what Bethel Law and DKB can do for you together? Simply book a free consultation here or call us at 909-307-6282 to learn more.